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This onboarding questionnaire will assist you in collecting critical information needed to transition your company smoothly to the Multi-Garage© platform. Please fill out the form and return it to your Onboarding Specialist or

Once this information is received a detailed implementation schedule will be prepared for your company.

Please note that the onboarding typically takes about two weeks from start to finish.

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    Primary Contact

    Note: Your Primary Contact is responsible for the following:
    a) One on one training for your staff
    b) Local administration
    c) Responsibilities during the onboarding process:
    i) Fill out Onboarding Questionnaire form
    ii) Imports, Company Share, Create User Accounts
    iii) Front Line Support

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    Live Calendar Set-up

    The Multi-Garage© platform allows for a wide variety of customizable settings and features for the calendar.

    These settings ensure common functionality and features among all your clients, allowing for these same features
    to be set for GoogleMap* as well. To save you time we have carefully designed “1 Hour Block” Live Calendar which includes the most common and useful settings for you and will be provided to you upon onboarding via a Google Calendar ( .

    Complete customization is available and agenda consultation is made easy. Our technical support will provide the initial set-up and required training.
    *GoogleMap required an authentication code to be sent physically at your Garage address before fully operational.

    Operating Hours

    1. Please complete the Operating Hours Worksheet to identify and assign the Live Calendar.

    Operating Hours Worksheet
    Please list your current company client capacity and operating hours information below. It is important
    to know that our web integration team will have full access to view all Live Calendar and client
    appointment data therein, can modify user access, assign and edit calendar, process administrative
    requests, and more.

    Company Logo

    Your company logo is needed to customize your calendar page and website page of the Multi-Garage© interface.
    Please provide your logo as electronic files to

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